Projects We’ve Completed For Our Clients

St. Louis Cardinals Media Guide 20192019-08-06T20:48:47+00:00
Fast Eddie’s Bonair Logo2019-08-02T17:51:46+00:00
Franklin & Vaughn – Logo Design / Foil Printing2019-08-02T17:52:27+00:00
Marquette High School T-Shirt Design2019-08-02T17:53:50+00:00
Muny / Edward Jones Promo Item2019-08-02T18:02:06+00:00
Mississippi Mud Pottery2019-08-02T18:02:26+00:00
Hager Companies Brochure2019-04-08T17:42:59+00:00
Rim Recon+ Logo Design2017-05-23T19:52:23+00:00
Old Bakery Beer2019-04-08T17:47:22+00:00
Women’s Pavilion Brochure – OSF Saint Anthony’s2019-04-08T18:22:24+00:00
Eagle Watching Guide – Alton Convention and Tourism Bureau2019-04-08T18:54:51+00:00
Dining Guide – Alton Convention and Tourism Bureau2019-04-08T18:11:24+00:00
Sports Playbook Guide2019-04-08T21:02:49+00:00
Seasonal Tourism Guides2019-04-08T21:15:04+00:00
Saint Anthony’s Standards Booklet2019-04-08T21:34:28+00:00

Our Proven Process Produces Results


The client will give a “brief” overview of what he or she needs. BrickStreet Creative will gather information about your expectations, specific project details, company’s vision, goals, products and services.


Based on the information given, we will present you with a proposal that details your project, including your customized estimate. Once the proposal is signed and approved, the project can begin.


We begin by putting together a color scheme, taglines and creative styles and imagery that best fit your project. We can refine your existing content or work with you to develop fresh content tailored to your business.


Once the design is approved, we take it the next step to see your project through implementation. Whether printing, launching a new website, or running a social media ad campaign, we ensure your brand is presented professionally.

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